Interior design services

We work with clients on complete home overhauls, room makeovers, and remote design services to create welcoming environments that realize and expand on our clients’ vision. We treat every project with care and aim to source responsibly-made and inclusive products.

How We Work

  • Client Collaboration

    We believe spaces should reflect and improve the lives of those who inhabit them, which is why we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and tastes.

  • Lasting Design

    Our goal is to create unique and enduring spaces for our clients. We’re dedicated to sourcing high-quality, well-made pieces that transcend trends.

  • Responsible Partnerships

    We value transparency and prioritize working with vendors who follow responsible environmental, chemical, ethical, and social practices.

Our Offerings

  • Full-Service Design

    Moving into a new home or apartment, or just looking to overhaul your current space? Our hands-on process includes everything from in-person consulting to sourcing and delivering an inspired, intentional, and welcoming environment.


      To kick off your project, we’ll start with an initial 1-2 hour consultation and site visit where we listen to your ideas, clarify priorities, and create your scope of work. We will follow up with an estimate —and once your signed contract and retainer deposit is received, schedule your project.


      After site measurements are taken, we start the design phase by creating suggested floor plans and furniture layouts, as well as an overall creative direction. We will also meet with any tradespeople and work with them to create a timeline for your project.


      Once we’re aligned on the approach, we begin sourcing specific fixtures, finishes, furnishings, and more. Our methods will include research, gathering and ordering samples/materials, testing and viewing furniture when available, and drawing in the dimensions and scale of each piece in the floorplans. A final design and budget is presented to you, though we can continue to refine the design as needed.


      Now that the design is final, we will collect payment, and place orders for all products. You can relax while we coordinate with vendors on status updates and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. The last step is scheduling your installation, after which we will leave you with a beautiful styled space to enjoy!

  • Remote Design

    If you’re outside the Los Angeles area, our design services are available remotely. We’re happy to evaluate your project and create a beautiful space from afar.


      To start, we’ll send you a detailed questionnaire to get all the information on your project. Once we’ve confirmed your project is a fit for remote design, we’ll request your retainer deposit based on the approved scope and schedule a kick-off call. We’ll send you a guide on how to take accurate measurements and photos so we have everything we need.


      Before diving into design, we will review your Pinterest boards or other inspiration. Based on your needs and preferences, we’ll source specific products and present a cohesive design board. We’ll make revisions if necessary before finalizing the design.


      Depending on your scope, we may send you a detailed list of products for you to purchase, or we will collect payment for items and purchase on your behalf. We always include a DIY Install guide so you know exactly where items should be placed and how to style them once they arrive so the finished project matches your vision.

  • Consulting

    If you need initial direction or are stuck on one particular problem area, our consulting services can help identify your options and provide a forward direction for all kinds of spaces. Also available for styling and staging projects.


      Consultations can be conducted in-person or remotely. In 1-2 hour sessions, we’ll listen to your ideas or design dilemmas and advise on potential solutions, whether it be something we can further assist with or a solution you tackle on your own.


      Following our meeting, we’ll send over a comprehensive response with recommendations and suggestions. Depending on your needs, this might be paint colors, furniture layouts, vendor recommendations, and more.

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