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How To Create A Welcoming Work Space At Home

A few months ago I read a post that said “It’s not working from home, it’s living at work” and that felt so accurate for my husband and I. When we were planning to move to LA from NYC last winter, we had actually planned on setting up a home office. In New York, we both worked from home some but spent most of our time at co-working spaces plus we were both taking meetings around the city often so our time actually working from home was limited.

Flash forward 10 months and we, of course, had no idea how much time we would be spending in our new home this year. Nevertheless, I am SO grateful that we prioritized this room. It was actually furnished before we had a dining table or bed frame (because well, priorities!). When your office doubles as a guest room or if it’s simply a corner in your bedroom, it can feel like you never leave the office which is why it’s important to create a space that feels welcoming no matter what time of day.

When I was designing the room at the start of this year, I tried to focus on including elements that were both functional and beautiful. After all, we spend as much time here as nearly any other room in our apartment! While the space still isn’t 100% finished, it is one that I honestly enjoy being in and I’m constantly thinking of ways to make it cozier. I’ve compiled some key items below that I’ve either incorporated or saved to will help make your WFH space a little more welcoming. Enjoy!


Photo and Design via Studio McGee


We have Room and Board’s Steel Bookcase in Natural Steel in our office (see top photo!). I love the natural finish on these and it’s a great way to organize books and samples, store our printer, and display decorative objects.

Photo and Design via EyeSwoon

Pin Boards

Call me old school, but there’s something so satisfying to me about having physical pieces of inspiration around. I followed Athena Calderone’s DIY pinboard method to create mine and I just love the texture it created. Plus it was less than $50 all in all.

A Comfy Chair

Finding a comfortable chair that you don’t hate looking at is no task for the light-hearted. Chairs were the last thing we purchased because I was so set on finding something that had support but didn’t look like a gamer chair. Good office chairs can get pricey, but they are worth the investment for your health and productivity.


Nothing kills a mood more than bad lighting. Aim to have at least two light sources in your workspace if possible and avoid relying on harsh overhead lighting. Adding a desk lamp can make soften the light and add interest to your desk setup too. Also if haven’t already, make sure Night Shift is turned on your computer to help ease your eyes as the day goes on.

Photo via The Havenlist | Design by Alice Lane Home

Desk Accessories

Small additions like paper weights, catch-alls, blotters and artwork can turn your workspace into an area where you actually want to hang out and can spark creativity. I pull different items from around my house to decorate my desk area and am constantly changing it up to keep things feeling fresh.

Photo via @Gemary

Yummy Scents

Good smells = good mood. Enough said.