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Home Update: Our Custom Chair

It’s been about 6 months since we moved into our new apartment and things are starting to shape up. If you’ve been following along, I mentioned on my Instagram that this apartment has more square footage than we’ve ever had. So we’ve taken our time filling it! Since we are renting, I also wanted to find pieces that are versatile and timeless, no matter where we go next. 

Our living room has a tricky layout for the way we use the space. The original, plaster fireplace anchors the room and is my favorite architectural detail in the whole house, so I wanted to highlight it. However, we also watch a lot of TV. So we ended up positioning the TV on the wall opposite the fireplace and placing our sofa perpendicular in the center of the room. It’s not the most ideal placement for when you’re watching TV, so we wanted to have a super comfy chair on the opposite side of the couch facing the TV.

I had some really specific details in mind for the chair: I wanted a soft mohair fabric, a plush seat, and dimensions that allowed you to curl up but weren’t so big that the chair overwhelmed the space. I was inspired by mid-century Nordic silhouettes, like those by Fritz Hansen and Flemming Lassen. But I also wanted tailored details, like pleating on the curves of the chair and a separate seat cushion. With original vintage pieces being out of my budget and a specific look in mind, I decided to design the chair myself and had it made by a local, trusted workroom.

I started by imagining the chair at different angles and sketching it out to scale. Once I ironed out the details, I selected the upholstery fabric: a soft mohair that varies between an olive green and warm chocolate tone depending on the light. The color picks up tones from our vintage rug and has a lovely subtle sheen. I wanted a material that would be durable and long-lasting, while also introducing a new texture into the room, to contrast with our linen sofa. Fabric selections on upholstery seating that get a lot of use are so important in extending the life of a piece, and going custom allows you to have full control of the key details.

I’m really happy with the way our chair turned out! There’s something so special about creating furniture from scratch and seeing it brought to life. I have a lot of respect for the craftsmanship involved in building these kinds of pieces and it felt great to work with a local workroom that has a strong focus on quality. I have no doubt that this chair will last decades and unfortunately, that’s often not the case with big retailers that import mass-produced furniture.

If you need help deciding on a furniture piece or are curious about the design process, I’m now offering 1-hour virtual consultations that you can book here.

And if you’re interested in having this chair made for you, I can help! Just shoot me a note and I’ll send over more information about purchasing this design for your home.